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December 9, 2022

As we know, stainless steel can be divided into martensitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, ferritic-austenitic duplex stainless steel, and precipitation-hardening stainless steel.

Now let’s talk about Ferritic stainless steel.

Basic information

  • Basic Type: 430 (1 .4016).
  • Cannot be hardened by heat treatment.
  • Magnetic: Yes.
  • Moderate to good corrosion resistance.
  • Weldability is reasonable in thinner sections but poor in thicker sections (over 2.5mm).
  • Good deep-drawing properties.
  • Generally a flat product specification.
  • Not used at low temperatures.

Features (composition)

  • Ferritic stainless steel generally does not contain nickel.
  • The main alloying element is chromium, and the chromium content is generally 12% to 30%. Ferritic stainless steels are roughly divided into three categories: Cr 11%~15%, Cr 16%~20%, and Cr 21%~30% according to the chromium content in the steel.
  • This steel contains fairly low levels of carbon, mostly below 0.12%.
  • It often contains ferrite-forming elements such as aluminum, which can ensure that the structure of the steel is mainly ferrite.

Physical properties

AISI / ASTMDensity (g/cm3)Electrical resistance (μΩ·m)Thermal conductivity at 20 °C (W/(m·K))Specific heat  0 – 100 °C (J/(kg·K))Thermal expansion 0 – 600 °C (10−6/K)Young’s modulus (GPa)
409 / 4107.70.582546012220
430Ti / 439 / 4417.70.62546011.5220
434 / 436 / 4447.70.62346011.5220


  • High strength,
  • Chloride Stress Corrosion Resistant,
  • Resistant to localized corrosion such as pitting and crevice corrosion.


  • Poor toughness at room temperature and low temperature,
  • High-notch sensitivity,
  • Sensitive to intergranular corrosion.

About the notch sensitivity

Ordinary ferritic stainless steels with more than 15% chromium (after normal heat treatment) are very sensitive to notches. The brittle transition temperature is generally higher than room temperature, but there will be room temperature brittleness if there is a gap.

If the chromium content increases, the sharpness of the notch increases, and the brittle transition temperature also increase. At 870°C, the incision sensitivity completely disappeared.

About the sensitivity to intergranular corrosion

Common high-chromium ferritic stainless steels not only cause embrittlement, but also susceptibility to intergranular corrosion. Especially when the temperature exceeds 900 ~ 950 ° C and then rapidly cooled, it has a very sensitive intergranular corrosion tendency.

Intergranular corrosion susceptibility can be eliminated by heating to about 700~850°C, then holding for a certain period of time and rapid cooling.

Welding or high-temperature quenching generally does not experience embrittlement because of the short time through its corresponding embrittlement temperature zone.

Ferritic stainless steel ASTM grades

AISI / ASTMENCr (Weight %)Other elements (Weight %)
4051.412.0 – 14.0
409L1.451210.5 – 12.56(C+N)<Ti<0.65
410L1.400310.5 – 12.50.3<Ni<1.0
4301.401616.0 – 18.0
4391.45116.0 – 18.00.15+4(C+N)<Ti<0.8
430Ti1.451116.0 – 18.0Ti: 0.6
4411.450917.5 – 18.50.1<Ti<0.6; 0.3+3C<Nb<1.0
4341.411316.0 – 18.00.9<Mo<1.4
4361.451316.0 – 18.00.9<Mo<1.4; 0.3<Ti<0.6
4441.452117.0 – 20.01.8<Mo<2.5; 0.15+4(C+N)<Ti+Nb<0.8
4471.459228 – 30.03.5<Mo<4.5; 0.15+4(C+N)<Ti<0.8

Ferritic stainless steel applications (uses)


  1. Car exhaust system – 4509/441 Stainless Steel, Diesel Particulate Filter
  2. Car exhaust system – 4509/441 Stainless Steel, Exhaust Manifold
  3. Car exhaust system – 4512/409 Stainless Steel, Muffler
  4. Car exhaust system – 304 & 441 Stainless Steel, Diesel Particulate Filter
  1. Car exhaust system – SUS430J1L stainless steel, catalytic exhaust purifier housing, honeycomb structure, 20%Cr-5%Al
  2. Car exhaust system – 1 .4509/441 Stainless Steel, Exhaust Cleaner Housing
  3. Decoration – SUS430 stainless steel, South Korea
  4. Decoration – SUS430J1L stainless steel, Japan
  1. Decoration – SUS430 stainless steel, Korea
  2. Decoration – 4016/430 Stainless Steel, Black Coated Trim, USA
  3. Decoration – 4113/434 Stainless Steel, USA
  4. SUV car front grille parts – 4513 stainless steel, plastic mix, France.
  1. Car low frame – 1.4510/430Ti stainless steel, Peugeot 307, France
  2. Car headlight – 1.4513 stainless steel, headlight trim, Italy
  3. Truck – 1.4113 Stainless Steel, Truck Trim, USA
  4. Fixture – 1.4509/441 and 1.4016/430 stainless steel
  1. Filter – 1.4512/409L Stainless Steel, China
  2. Car brake disc – 4028/420 stainless steel
  3. 1.4512/409 Stainless Steel, France
  4. 1.4512/409 stainless steel, thickness 1.5mm, France

Buildings and structures


  1. Iron Window Hinges and Fasteners – 4016/430 stainless steel, Europe
  2. Building drainage system – 1.4510/430Ti stainless steel, tinned, Europe
  3. Building drainage system – 1.4521/444 stainless steel, Europe
  4. Chimney – 1.4521/444 stainless steel, France


  1. Square tube external thermal insulation – SUH409L (1. 4512/409) Stainless Steel, JSSA, Japan
  2. 4016/430 stainless steel, pre-painted, Italy
  3. SUS436L [1.4526/4361 Stainless Steel, JSSA, Japan
  4. 1.4003 Stainless Steel, New Finishing Workshop in Columbus, South Africa
  1. Roof steel structure – Roof support: Potential fields of application for ferritic stainless steels
  2. Building – SUS445J1, SUS445J2 Stainless Steel, Nakano Sakaue Building, 1996, Japan
  3. Building – SUS445J2 Stainless Steel Grease, Phoenix Resort, 1994, Japan
  4. Building – External construction SUS445J1, internal construction SUS304 stainless steel, Nihonbashi Mitsui Building, 2005, Japan

Civil building

  1. Overpass sound-absorbing panels – SUS436 (1. 4526/4361) stainless steel, JSSA, Japan
  2. Steel structure bridge – 4003/410 color-coated stainless steel, SASSDA, South Africa (the service life of the bridge is more than 8 years)
  3. Inner wall of tunnel – 1.4016/430 Prepainted Stainless Steel, Monte Mario Tunnel, Centro Inox, Italy
  4. Inner wall of tunnel – 1.4016/430 painted stainless steel, Monte Mario tunnel, Centro Inox, Italy
  1. Wind protection fence – SUS445J2 stainless steel, JSSA, Japan
  2. Platform screen door – 4510/439 stainless steel, microwired, KOSA, Korea
  3. Electric pole – 1.4003 stainless steel (originally applied in 1982, along coastline – 10m from waves, no rust), South Africa
  4. Power station – 1.4003/ 410 Stainless Steel, Cooling Tower, X-Grid Fill, South Africa

Curtain wall

  1. Building facade curtain wall – SUS445M2 stainless steel, low reflectivity matte finish, ASSDA, Australia
  2. Building facade curtain wall – 1.4521/444 Stainless Steel No. 4 Frosted Panel (horizontal panel), Vivo Building, Rio De Janeiro, Nucleo Inox, Brazil (coastal environment)
  3. Building facade curtain wall – SUS445J2 stainless steel, Future Science Museum, JSSA, Japan
  4. Building facade curtain wall – 4526/436 Stainless Steel, Ugine & Alz Steel Service Center, Assel-Mittal Stainless, Katowice, Poland


  1. Escalator steps – SUS430LX – (1.4016/430) Stainless Steel, Japan
  2. Elevator panel – 1.4510/439 stainless steel


  1. Gym roof – 445 Stainless Steel, KOSA, Korea
  2. Canopy – 446 Stainless Steel, KOSA, Korea, Seoul
  3. Farmhouse roof – 4510/430Ti stainless steel (vertical seam technology), Ugine & Alz, Germany
  4. Airport roof – SUS447J1 stainless steel, Kansai Airport Terminal (designer Renzo Piano), JSSA, Japan, Osaka
  1. Media center roof – SUS445J2 stainless steel, Kitakyushu Media Center. Fukuoka Prefecture) 1998, Japan
  2. School roof – 430Ti stainless steel (vertical seam technology), Ugine & Alz, Austria

City Facilities

  1. Street Light – 1.4510/439 Stainless Steel, Electropolished Welded Pipe, KOSA, Korea, Seoul
  2. Post Office Box – 1.4003/410 Stainless Steel, Color Coated, SASSDA, South Africa, Ferritic stainless steel is often color coated when aesthetics are the main consideration.
  3. Railway platform ticket machine – 1.4003/410 stainless steel, painted (15 years of service), SASSDA, UK
  4. Electrical enclosure – 1.4003/410 stainless steel, color coated (15 years of service), SASSDA, South Africa

Food Commercial Equipment

The following applications are made of stainless steel 430.

In order: bread oven, gas kitchen utensils, large coffee machine, heating vending machine

In order: Continuous Toaster, Microwave Oven, Side-by-Side Gas Oven, Cold Storage

In order: Coffee Machines, Restaurant Carts, Display Counters, Wall Cabinets

Home & Office

Ferritic stainless steels (400 series) have been widely accepted in the following application areas.

This is because of its unique aesthetics, corrosion resistance to cleaning and disinfecting agents, low thermal expansion coefficient and magnetic properties (suitable for induction cooktops), and considerable cost advantages compared to other materials.

In Order: gas stove, combi, microwave oven, gas stove

In Order: BBQ grill, BBQ grill, cooking pot, electromagnetic induction cooker

In Order: pressure cooker, frying pan, dishwasher, dishwasher

In Order: dishwasher, blender, blender, rice cooker

In Order: Liquid dispensers, electric kettles, pasta cookers, refrigerators and freezers

In order: refrigerators and freezers, home kitchen sinks, roll-down, roll-down

In order: tumbler, tumbler, spoon, cutlery

In order: electric kettle, shelf, trash can, partition

In order: stair handrail, LCD monitor frame, kitchen exhaust hood, kitchen exhaust hood


Ferritic stainless steels are now widely used in many areas where carbon steel is difficult to meet maintenance needs.

  1. Dam Spill Pipe – 1.4003/410 Stainless Steel Spray Treatment, Columbus, South Africa
  2. Flood Gate – 1.4003/410 Stainless Steel Spray Finish, Columbus, South Africa
  3. Tank – SUS430J1L Stainless Steel, Resin Color Coated (Exterior), JSSA, Japan
  4. Fractionation Column – 410S Stainless Steel, Europe
  1. Conveyor Belt – 410S Stainless Steel, Europe
  2. Burner – 1.4509/441 stainless steel (better oxidation resistance)
  3. Burner – SUS430 Stainless Steel, Boiler Gas Stove, JSSA, Japan
  4. Boiler Inner Tube – 1.4521/444 Stainless Steel, KOSA, Korea
  1. Instant Boiling Water Heater – 1.4521/444 Stainless Steel, ZIP Industries and ASSDA, Australia
  2. Boiler – 444 Stainless Steel, Europe
  3. Hot Water Tank – 1.4521/444 Stainless Steel, Europe
  4. Hot Water Tank – SUS444 Stainless Steel, JSSA, Japan
  1. Wall & Ceiling – 445M2 Stainless Steel, Melbourne, Australia
  2. Dryer Reheater Welded Tube – 1.4510/439 Stainless Steel, VALTIMET, Europe
  3. Feed Water Heater Welded Pipe – 1.4510/439 Stainless Steel, VALTIMET, Europe
  4. Condenser Welded Tube – 1.4510/439 Stainless Steel, VALTIMET, Europe

Solar water heaters

  1. SUS444 Stainless Steel, Suncue, China
  2. 1.4509/441 Stainless Steel (Cylinder), Sun Tank and SASSDA, South Africa
  3. Solar panel: frame and collector are made of ferritic stainless steel 441/444.

Sugar industry

  1. Conveyor Plate – 1.4003/410 Stainless Steel, Columbus, South Africa. The machine has been running for 22 years as of 2022.
  2. Sugarcane juice heating hood – 1.4003/410 stainless steel Columbus, South Africa – Carbon steel hood (top) compared to 6-year-old ferritic stainless steel hood.
  3. Heat Exchange Tube – 1.4521/444 Stainless Steel, Nucleo Inox, Brazil
  4. Mold and Diffusion Tube – 1.4003/410 Stainless Steel, Columbus, South Africa


  1. Tank, Plumbing – 444 Stainless Steel, Brazil
  2. Water Tank – 444 Stainless Steel, KOSA, Korea
  3. Water tank – Parts use SUS444 stainless steel, No.4 surface, JSSA, Japan.
  4. Water tank – Parts use SUS444 stainless steel, No.4 surface, JSSA, Japan.


  1. Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe – 409L Stainless Steel
  2. Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe – 409L Stainless Steel, Achesita, Brazil
  3. Brake Disc – SUS410SM1 Stainless Steel, JSSA, Japan
  4. 420 stainless steel brake disc, 1.4113 Decorative material, Italy


  1. Bus and Coach Underframe – 1.4003/410 Stainless Steel, Columbus, South Africa
  2. Bus and coach underframe – 1.4003/410 stainless steel (lower painted), Columbus, South Africa
  3. Bus and Coach Underframe – 1.4003 Stainless Steel Welded Tube and Panels, Solaris Bus & Coach Co, Poland
  4. Container – 1.4003/410 Stainless Steel (frame and panels), POSCO, Korea
  1. Container – 1.4003/410 stainless steel, Prepainted (frame and door panels)
  2. Coal truck – 1.4003/410 stainless steel (panel), Columbus, South Africa. Served for more than 20 years.
  3. Coal Truck – 1.4003/410 Stainless Steel (Panel), Columbus, South Africa. Served for more than 15 years.
  4. Coal Truck – 1.4003 Stainless Steel (Interior & Front), SASSDA, South Africa
  1. Coal Truck – 1.4003/410 Stainless Steel, Color Coated, Europe
  2. Coal truck – 409/410, painted, TISCO, China
  3. Coal Truck – 1.4003 Stainless Steel, SASSDA, South Africa
  4. Streetcar – 1.4003/410 stainless steel (body frame and colored panels), Europe

Frequently asked questions

Are ferritic stainless steels magnetic

Yes. It’s Always Magnetic.

Does ferritic stainless steel rust

No. In addition to rust resistance and local corrosion resistance, ferritic stainless steel has excellent local corrosion resistance such as chloride stress corrosion resistance, pitting corrosion resistance, and crevice corrosion resistance.

What is Ferritic stainless steel best known for?

It’s AISI405.

AISI405 stainless steel’s uses: For the manufacture of corrosion parts, equipment, and liners resistant to water vapor, ammonium bicarbonate mother liquor, and hot sulfurous petroleum.Production of parts that require high toughness and impact load, such as turbine blades, structural parts, bolts, nuts, etc.

What is the difference between austenitic and ferritic stainless steel?

  1. Ferritic stainless steel is magnetic, austenitic stainless steel is non-magnetic.
  2. Ferritic stainless steel has higher hardness and resistance to localized corrosion and chloride stress corrosion than austenitic stainless steel.
  3. Unlike austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel is sensitive to intergranular corrosion and has high-notch sensitivity. This is the reason for the limited use of ferritic stainless steel.


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