How to Stop Rusting on Cars Indeed?

December 13, 2022

This article is about how to stop rusting, especially on cars.

Factors Affecting Car Rust

Car material

Factors Affecting Car Rust - Car material

Generally, cars with higher prices will use more expensive materials, such as hot-dip galvanized steel sheets, all-aluminum materials, high-strength composite materials, automotive carbon fiber, and other automotive materials that are difficult to rust.

Whether the car manufacturer cuts corners or not will make a big difference in the performance of the car materials. We know that there are many kinds of anti-rust treatments for automobile steel plates, such as galvanized, chrome-plated, and so on. If manufacturers omit these processes in order to save costs, the car will easily rust.

In addition, there are some process gaps, such as differences in painting processes and welding processes, which will also cause differences in the degree of rust.

External factors

External factors are mainly related to the environment in which the car is used.

More exposure to acid rain, corrosive dust, etc., can easily cause the body to rust.

The weather is humid and there is a lot of rain, which is likely to cause serious corrosion of the chassis.

If the road conditions are poor, such as frequent knocking on the chassis or sand and gravel hitting the chassis, the surface will be damaged, and the lower guard plate and exhaust pipe of the engine will easily rust.

Human factors

Factors Affecting Car Rust - Human factors

Improper or “lazy” use of the car by the owner can also cause the car to rust, such as:

  • If the car paint is damaged and is not repaired for a long time, the inner metal surface of the car paint will be exposed to the air and rust.
  • Frequent driving in water-logged places makes the chassis in contact with water for a long time, resulting in chassis corrosion.
  • Do not wash the car for a long time, especially after rain, if the rain is not cleaned, it will corrode the car body; often put the car in a place with high humidity, such as the seaside, riverside, and other places.
  • The so-called “lazy” mainly refers to rarely taking care of the car, such as:
    • Car maintenance is rarely performed on the exterior of the car, such as car washing, waxing, etc.
    • The tail of the exhaust pipe often accumulates water and is not cleaned.

How to Prevent Rusting on Cars

Sealing glaze for soft-painted cars

How to Prevent Rusting on Cars - Sealing glaze for soft-painted cars

For some cars with soft paint surfaces, we can seal the body with glaze to prevent rust. Sealing glaze can form a firm protective film in the form of a network, improving the hardness of the paint surface.

This anti-rust effect can be maintained for about 1 year.

Park your car indoors as much as possible

Although the car body has been treated with anti-rust, if the surface coating of some bolts is damaged, it is easy to rust when exposed to water.

Therefore, it is very beneficial to ensure that the vehicle is parked in a dry indoor environment, especially for long-term parking.

Don’t wear a car jacket

If the vehicle is parked outdoors, if it is windy or rainy, the inner layer of the car coat will repeatedly slap the car paint.

Especially once wind and sand are blown into the car cover, countless tiny scratches will be drawn on the car body, which will also cause the paint surface to become black over time.

In addition, after the wind and sand, do not directly use a rag to clean the sand on the car body, but rinse it with clean water. This will prevent grit from dusters and rags from scratching the finish.

Go for a run after washing your car

After the car is washed, it is easy to retain a lot of water in the gaps of the car, which will increase the chance of rusting.

The correct way is to drive as long as possible after washing the car, and let the wind dry the moisture in the gaps before parking.

Check the humidity frequently

Sludge is easy to accumulate in some gaps such as the bottom of the vehicle body and the floor of the car. If the owner does not clean it in time, this will allow moisture to hide.

Therefore, always check the inner and outer edges of the wheel hub, the door, the bottom corner of the trunk, the door key hole and the movable parts of the wiper frame.

At the same time, it is necessary to keep the drainage holes of the door and each part of the car body unblocked, and check the humidity of the coverings in the car, such as carpets, to prevent the floor parts from rusting.

How to Stop Rusting on Cars

Small rust spots on the car body

When there are small scratches on the car body, it should be repaired in time to avoid rusting of the car body after a long time.

Here are three ways to fix small scratches:

  • Toothpaste to repair scratches. When there are small scratches on the car body, you can use ordinary toothpaste to gently wipe the circle on the scratches. This reduces scratch marks and simply acts as a barrier to prevent rust.
  • Use a touch-up pen/original paint for small scratches.
    • You can first use very fine water sandpaper dipped in water to gently grind off the rust spots, and polish in a straight line (avoid random grinding without direction), wipe it completely and then apply a layer of primer.
    • After it dries, sand it down with water sandpaper and paint the original factory paint on top of the primer. (Generally, you will get a small can of original paint when you buy the car. If you can’t find it, you can use a touch-up pen to replace it)
  • Nail polish to repair body scratches. The paint used for nail polish and spray paint is a material that can prevent the paint from oxidizing and rusting, and is more effective for minor and moderate scratches. Nail polish is great for small scratches where the base coat isn’t showing.

Brake disc rust treatment

How to Stop Rusting on Cars - Brake disc rust treatment

Brake disc rust is the most common condition.

The operating environment of the brake disc itself is relatively harsh, and it needs to be in contact with air and moisture for a long time, and the temperature is extremely high. In this case, it is easy to rust. In order to avoid this rusting situation, high-end cars have switched to carbon ceramic composite brake discs.

✔ Rust removal method: Start the car, step on the brake a few times, and the rust will disappear.

Auto body panel rust treatment

How to Stop Rusting on Cars - Auto body panel rust treatment

The body panel refers to covering the engine and chassis. It is a surface or internal part made of sheet metal. It can be divided into external cover, internal cover and skeleton cover.

The rust of our common body panels usually occurs on the door or the parts that are easy to scratch. And its rusting also has no effect on the safety and structural strength of the car body, but only affects the aesthetics of the car.

✔ Rust removal method: Rust is caused by the improper treatment process of the original factory or the scratches or irregular paint repairs in the later period, so it can be repaired by re-painting.

Rust treatment of chassis components such as sub-frame/lower swing arm

Rust treatment of chassis components such as sub-framelower swing arm

At present, except for a small number of aluminum alloy subframes used in high-end vehicles on the market, most of the vehicles are still made of cast iron.

Chassis parts such as the subframe/lower arm are covered with black paint to prevent rust at the factory. However, in the actual use of the car, it is inevitable that various situations will cause the paint film to fall off. After the paint film falls off, the iron is easily oxidized and rusted when it comes into contact with the air.

We need to pay extra attention to the rusting of these parts of the car. Because as structural parts, the subframe and the lower swing arm are all stress-bearing parts. Once the corrosion is serious, the structural strength will definitely be weakened, which will affect your driving safety.

✔ Rust removal method: If the rust is not serious, you can repaint it for anti-rust treatment; if the rust is serious, it is recommended to replace the corresponding parts.

Mainframe rust treatment

How to Stop Rusting on Cars - Mainframe rust treatment

Mainframe rust is a very serious rust condition. Moreover, it is difficult to be found due to the cover.

Under normal circumstances, when the car undergoes electrophoresis treatment, the paint film can evenly cover every corner of the car body. Therefore, if the process is qualified, unless the vehicle has had a serious accident, there is no possibility of rust.

✔ Rust removal method: In the event of a serious accident and painting, re-paint the anti-rust treatment. If there is no accident and the body structure is rusted, you can claim for compensation from the car factory within the warranty period.

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