Stainless Steel Pipe Suppliers in Saudi Arabia

October 14, 2022


Petropipe is a leading international supplier of modular packages for oil and gas onshore and offshore applications. With our offices in the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, India, and Mozambique. Our global facilities offer the latest technologies in piping as well as an independent systems integrator, We provide you with tailor-made packages matching your technical requirements based on your application service.

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For years FanaTech Engineering & Trading L.L.C. is one of the leading suppliers of pipe and pipe fittings in the UAE. Our team of young and dedicated professionals meets to excellence in every product and deal. In a very short time due to our huge stocks, we become one of the most reliable sources of quality in the industry. We tied up with reputed international manufacturers of pipes, tubes, flanges, clamps, stainless steel mesh & filters, and almost every fitting product to supply to various industries including oil, gas, power plants, and marine industries. We hope you will get high benefits in a deal with us.

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StainlessInox International FZCO was established in 2010 with the core focus of being one of the UAE’s leading stockholders, suppliers, and exporters of Stainless Steel Flat Products – Coils, Sheets, and Plates. Over the years, the company has exponentially grown by consistently enhancing its product portfolio to Long Products – Angles, Bars, and Channels, and processing, manufacturing, and supplying decorative stainless-steel finishes (sheets) for various architectural applications. Furthermore, the organization has heavily invested in some of the best equipment and machinery to carry out a wide range of metal services.

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Established in 1995, Ali Salman Trading Company Specializes in Marine and Oilfield supplies. We at Ali Salman trading have garnered a reputation for delivering excellence and satisfying its customers from all over the region and across two continents.
As a trading company, we are stockists and dealers in Pipes and Pipes fittings, flanges, gaskets (sealings), hoses, valves, and couplings of various materials and grades used in the Marine and Oilfield industries. We also render a comprehensive range of equipment, parts, accessories, and services to the global Oil & Gas, Marine & Shipping. Not only that, our extensive global sourcing network enables us to procure products that meet customer specifications. Providing a highly competitive global market & direct supply from top manufacturers allows us to pass on the cost advantage to our clients.

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Ultimate trading

Ultimate trading is one of the leading plumbing material suppliers in Dubai. We are the importer and exporter of best-grade quality Plumbing Accessories, Sanitary ware, Brass, GI Pipes, and Fitting Accessories. Moreover, we also cater to the needs of Building Contractors, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Companies (MEP) all across the country.

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Find the Right Suppliers By Google

01 - Google Keywords Searching

It’s easy to search the suppliers by google searching.

Usually, the official website of the suppliers will have the following keywords: 

ps: product keywords are replaced with "stainless steel"

  • "stainless steel suppliers in ..."
  • "stainless steel factory in ..."
  • "stainless steel manufacturers in ..."
  • "bulk stainless steel in ..."
  • "stainless steel wholesalers in ..."
Find the good stainless steel suppliers by google searching
Sometimes, you need to ignore supplier information from Google Ads:
Find the good stainless steel suppliers by google searching - ignore google Ads



02 - Google Maps Searching

Google maps is also an excellent tool to find suppliers. Also, we can find the suppliers’ addresses and strengths by using the “street view” function.



03 – Google Images Searching

The suppliers usually show lots of their product photos on their websites. We can search these photos by keywords or by uploading images.
Find the Right Stainless Steel Suppliers By Google - Google Images



04 – Other Local Search Engines

Sometimes some local search engines (such as in China, and in Russia.) do even better than Google.

For example, we can easily find many good Chinese stainless steel supplier by searching “不锈钢厂家” on
Find the Right Stainless Steel Suppliers By Other Local Search Engines



Find the Right Suppliers On

There're two ways to find & contact the suppliers:

  • Searching on the platform. - You can find the suppliers list according to search the keywords such as "stainless steel".
  • Submit a Purchasing Request (RFQ). After the request is done, you can continue to receive information from suppliers in the next few days.

I prefer to search directly cause it's more proactive and efficient. Now let's check it.



Step 01 - Search Keyword

After searching the keyword “stainless steel” on, we’ll get a product list page ( about 45 products).



Step 02 - Avoid Advertising Products

It's necessary to ignore the advertising product to find good suppliers. The advertising product usually is with a label on the right like this:



Step 03 - Choose the Stainless Steel Suppliers

There're many icons on each product. Some icons can help us find good suppliers.
Find Good Stainless Steel Suppliers on - Choose the Stainless Steel Suppliers
Here's what these tags mean:
🛆 No.1 - Product Label: This is a useless label cause it can be edited by suppliers.
🛆 No.2 - Customs Data Label: Useless. Sellers wouldn’t have this label if they don’t like to display their data.
▲ No.3 - Company Name Label: Useful. We can find supplier's websites by clicking this link — on the “contacts” page. (click to see how to find)
▲ No.4 - Member Age: Useful. It’s reasonless to purchase from ONLY 1-years-member suppliers.
🛆 No.5 - Verified Label: Useless. It’s a paid service on The certification company just takes some photos of vendors’ offices & business licenses.
▲ No.6 - Trade Assurance: Useful. Make sure the “Supplier’s Trade Assurance Limit” (you’ll find it when you put the mouse on the little yellow crown icon) is enough to secure our payment.
🛆 No.7 - Response Rate: Useless. Most of the response rate is more than 95%. This is just an indicator to evaluate suppliers.
▲ No.8 - Sales on Useful. This label shows vendors’ sales on
🛆 No.9 - Supplier Service Stars: Useless. It’s proportional to the cost of the suppliers.
🛆 No.10 - Feedback: Useless already. For better rank on, there’re more and more suppliers begin to pay for fake feedback.
Find Good Stainless Steel Suppliers on - Choose the Stainless Steel Suppliers

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