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December 6, 2022

Our products are including stainless steel tubes (including capillaries), sheets, bars, etc.

The products are mainly exported to South American markets, such as Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, and other countries.

About Price

Since the price of stainless steel products varies greatly between different models at different times, please get the price through the form at the bottom of the article.

* Please inform the product type and purchase quantity when filling out the form.

Product Catalog

Stainless Steel Pipe & Tube Brochurer

Please contact us for our company catalog.

Stainless Steel Suppliers in Peru

Here’s the list of stainless steel suppliers in Peru updated in 2022.

    • Addresses: N°902 tienda 127, Av. Guillermo Dansey, Lima 15082, Peru
  • Interflex Perú
    • Addresses: Jirón Sáenz Peña 206-2, Barranco 15063, Peru
    • Web:
  • Industrias steel stainless
    • Addresses: Av. Nicolás Ayllón 975, San Luis 15004, Peru
  • L&M Plant
    • Addresses: 3WJF+X89, Puente Piedra 15116, Peru
  • Inoxidables Peruanos
    • Web:
  • JN Steels | Stainless steel importer
    • Addresses: Av. Gral. Salaverry 176, San Luis 15022, Peru
    • Web:
  • JAHESA Stainless Steels
    • Addresses: XW37+8P6, Av. Argentina, Carmen de La Legua – Reynoso 07006, Peru
    • Web:

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